Importance And Importance Of News

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As the name suggests, newspaper is a source of news and information. Ever since the origin of newspaper began as early as 17th century, news was highly selective and often propagandistic. However, it has changed over the decades and news has become increasingly captivating. Regardless of age, news keeps us updated about the current world affairs and enhances our knowledge. In general, news is being produced through traditional press media (such as TV, radio and newspaper) for centuries. On the other hand, social media (such as Facebook and Twitter) is recently becoming the trend for people to upload news online. Therefore, most of the people are very fortunate to gain access to both media platforms or they can choose one of the media platforms to read about news. For young adults like me who are born in the digital age, it is the best of both worlds. In this age of information technology, newspaper is still the most powerful tool to express ideas as well as information about the current events happening in the world. It is essential that it becomes a part and parcel of our lives. In fact, it is playing its vital role by providing mostly accurate and reliable information as well as creating a global awareness about the current world affairs among the people in the world. First of all, news can be simply classified into three different categories based on its prominency such as headline, specific and personalized. Headline news is basically known as world or national news.

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