Why Political Sciences Is Important To Study

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According to the Greece mythology, the word ‘politics ' derives from a Greek word, polis, meaning ‘city state '. Greece was divided into a collection of independent city- state of which each had their own system of government. People are said to be in politics in everyday life, but inhabitants set to think of politics as of political parties and parliament. This paper will further discuss what political sciences is, the significance of studying political sciences and make reference to what is currently happening in South Africa. Further, discuss the significant of political sciences for me, further reflect on my reason for deciding to study political sciences.
What is political sciences?
According to Heywood (2002: page) a broad
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The transformative African youth leadership, I feel the youth of today needs to continue from where the youth of 1976 left off. To bring about change within the educational system of South Africa. According to Rawls (kdjsdj) an individual should have an equal chance of getting opportunities to reach their goals and improve their lives. Which he calls, ‘equality of opportunity’. After dropping out of university in 2014, due to insufficient funds, which was not ‘fair’ for I did not ask to be poor never the less to be born into poverty, made me realise that the youth needs to transform the educational system in South Africa. As South Africans we cannot be studying about American history without having to study our very own first, using American authored texted books and studying of western theorists. The poverty ‘pawn’ which is the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. Whereby one needs to first prove of how poor they are in order to be able to get funding. According to Mkhuseli, once you cut the ground out under their feet, the government starts to panic. The hashtag fees must fall movement is an example, the unity that was present within the movement, having almost all university student standing in accordance to overcome the ‘monster’, the true ‘African’ spirit of Ubuntu coming into play. The Africans have been robbed of their history, their history has been captured. Why is it that as an African, one has to pay to see the big five is it not part of their African fruits. When referring to African, it is not Black people only but White, Brown and Black, you are still African. The significance of studying political sciences for me is the passion of ‘transformation’ enthroned within
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