Importance And Importance Of Politics

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Introduction According to the Greece mythology, the word ‘politics ' derives from a Greek word, polis, meaning ‘city state '. Greece was divided into a collection of independent city- state of which each had their own system of government. People are said to be in politics in everyday life, but inhabitants set to think of politics as of political parties and parliament. This paper will further discuss what political sciences is, the significance of studying political sciences and make reference to what is currently happening in South Africa. Further, discuss the significant of political sciences for me, further reflect on my reason for deciding to study political sciences. What is political sciences? According to Heywood (2002: page) a broad definition of politics is the activity through which people make, preserve and amend the general rules under which they live. Leftwich further describes politics as the heart of all collective social activity, formal and informal, public and private, in all human groups, institutions and societies. Politics exists everywhere, from a level of social interaction, families, friends ', workplace, and even with decision-making. According to Lasswell (1936: 59) Politics is all about power, about who gets what, how and when, the distribution of resources, the scarce resources. These may be further described as factors like; money, jobs, education, security, goods and services. Hence, the influential people want to get the most to themselves,

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