Importance Of Strategic Planning Essay

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IMPORTANCE OF STRATEGIC PLANNING Strategic planning is a major asset and it plays a very important role in the strategic management . It is an overview or framework for a manager to make the activities of management in an organisation ( Mumtaz Began , Norasiken , Norhayati , 2002 ) . Planning also helps a manager to make judgments and decisions related to the future direction of the organisation. There is some interest in the organisation 's strategic planning that can be produced here include: 1. Better Management With strategic planning, managers will be able to establish a clear and comprehensive concept for an organisation. This process will help managers to evaluate internal forces and external forces in addressing the challenges their…show more content…
Managers need to be more creative in planning the strategies to address the problem. Assuming the problems that may arise due to environmental changes, managers can provide some steps to deal with the problem as early preparation and can guess at the opportunities that may arise from changes in the environment. ELEMENTS OF STRATEGIC PLANNING Strategic planning has several important elements to ensure the plans are made to coincide with the needs and objectives of an organisation. Lameness is one element in strategic planning will disrupt the travel plans ( Zainal Abidin , 1998) . If the strategic plan can not be implemented , the risk faced by a manager will be getting bigger . In fact it may cause deterioration in an organisation . Among the elements that exist in this strategic plan are: 1. Mission Each organisation has its own mission , the establishment of an organisation 's mission will help guide the direction of the organisation . The achievement of the stated mission of the organisation shows that the organisation has been successful and are barking

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