Leadership In The Workplace: Team Case Study

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We are experts in dealing with getting our imported products in the hand of customers directly. The teamwork in the workplace is essential to the success of business. When the team work together, we understand the strength and weakness of each team member. It mainly depends on the team leader in dividing up the tasks and getting things done by through the qualified members. Delegation of responsibilities has been practising in each team. Human Resource Department recruits the potential employees and trains the staffs to engage their commitment in achieving targets. The well-trained and competent work group and team carry out and complete the sales target that is set weekly/ monthly by management that is tailored to generate more revenue. Each…show more content…
Our success is measured in the confidence we gain, the improved team morale they foster, the conversations we no longer struggle to initiate and the conflicts they are able to resolve. The interpersonal soft skills employees are learning—and the insights they are gaining—form the foundation upon which they will coach and mentor employees to higher performance; and make informed business decisions; and lead our company through future industry challenges and market forces. (8 Critical Competencies Necessary for Frontline Leaders in the Wholesale Distribution Industry, n.d.)All of the leadership competencies in action have the potential to benefit the business and the bottom line. Competency-based learning is the basis for a leadership development program to change current knowledge, skills and attitude of our staff in preparing internal changes that directly influence joining up new business and continuous technical improvement. To fill the soft skills gap, management provide leadership training to potential employees to make incremental improvement for the benefit of the…show more content…
By using low-cost incremental technology that software applied to inventory control, order selection, short interval scheduling as well as sales forecasting. Company have managed to reduce their inventory levels through just-in-time system, electronic direct interchange (EDI) and extranet enabling retailer and supplier to be in constant touch. Electronic warehousing systems are used for the storage of information. (Marketing policy, planning and communication) For any changes which may occur, the company must be ready to adapt by having IT department that will handles all the technological issues. Our company didn’t have IT department before, however, assisting in the use of data management to all functions in the company is essential and we became realised how valuable it is. Offering Estee Lauder products better and greater value at reputable store by authorised distributor is one of the advantages among the competitors. Estee Lauder brand has positioning high quality and high price in the beauty industry. Using IDEA’s data-formatting standards have a competitive advantage over those who do not. (idea, 2007) Risk
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