Importance Of A Great Leader Essay

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"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." Are people naturally inclined to look for a leader? When people look for a leader they must choose one who’s willing to do good instead of doing something to benefit themselves. However, if the leader that you 've chosen is benefiting themselves and doing something that doesn 't benefit the rest of the followers, you must either be your own leader or find one who 's willing to benefit both of you. On the other hand, a leader who is into benefiting both of you is someone who knows your goals and is trying to get you to achieve them. You must not put too much hope in your leader if you don 't know them well. People are inclined to look for a leader for confidence, someone who believes in them, and motivates them to believe in themselves. Well as you may know there are people who aren 't confident in themselves, so they might need someone to be their right hand. In other words, sometimes we need someone to prove our point and believe or agree with us. Sometimes we must have leader because we feel like we can 't do it ourselves. For example, do you think that…show more content…
What does it take to choose the correct leader? First, make sure they show empathy, which is when they understand you and you both have confidence in each other. In the article “The Most Important Skill for Great Leaders” it states that “As a leader it’s easy to have a laser-like focus on the tasks at hand.” Confidence in yourself is one big thing and sometimes be needing someone to motivate us and not bring us down. In other words, they need a leader who values them for what they are a person who 's just trying to have a better life. For example, Anne Frank was a girl with big dreams and had to keep them to herself because others did not think about the other having dreams or wanting to be someone with high quality. A correct leader is the person you feel motivated, comfortable and not frightened because they want everything to be
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