Importance Of A Personal Declaration Of Independence Essay

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“Ailyn you finished everything you need to get done?” rolling my eyes as I respond back “of course I have, I stay in my personal bubble doing my own stuff all day”. My mom just turns and gives me a half smile of approval, but something always lingered in her wanting to slow down my independence. No matter what was going on, this is all I heard my whole life. Doing everything on my own made me become independent the older I got. For a couple of years I had to learn to do things without my mom when I needed guidance the most. It might have not been the best situation to be in but it made me realize I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to on my own. By the age of nine I was making my own responsible choices of grades in school, my laundry, cleaning and feeding myself when no one was around. It pushed me to become the very strong willed young lady that I am today.…show more content…
With all the struggles and obstacles I faced I was able to accomplish it with determination and my drive to do better for my future. I started to ask for extra help when I needed it, turned in all my work, studied for all my tests and quizzes and had a positive view that things would go well. From these experiences it has pushed to become involved with kids that may not be in good circumstances and help them out as a social worker or psychologist. Making kids see their own value and strength they have for themselves is very important for me to achieve. Every kid has a different story and if can help them work towards a better future, I would love to pursue that as a career that I will
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