Restaurant Manager Job Analysis

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It’s a both exciting and challenging task to be a restaurants manager. It requires effort, business and hard work to successfully make a restaurant run. Understanding how to put every resource in position in your favor may help your business raise, bring in a lot more clients and hence result in bigger profits.
Step 1:
 Let workers understand what your expectations are. The job description for workers must be completely outlined during the time of employing.
 You have to have a policy in place, concerning the wide procedure of your restaurant.
 Set strict specifications and recommendations about such things as the menu, recipes, time management, as well as assignments of tasks, code of workers conduct and much more.
 Have frequent meeting
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Some include organizing stock, maintaining equipment, and ordering food and drink supplies, checking the prepared food its quality and serving size, health and safety precautions. According to standards, make sure the kitchen and dining area clean and maintain its records for health inspectors and solve problems related to employees and customers, managing everything to the last point sometimes even ordering flowers for the tables, in addition to interviewing, hiring and supervising the trainees, organizing their shifts, paying the staff along with division of tips and promoting team…show more content…
When one or more employees cannot make it to work, the first thing the manager contacts the scheduled off employees of that day to make sure anyone is willing to cover the shift. At the end if required, he himself fulfills the employee’s role. To prevent this situation, a reward system is implemented for the ones who maintain perfect attendance.
2) Dealing with a Serious Customer Complaint
Handling customer complaints is very important while maintaining goal of the restaurant of producing delicious food. In difficult scenarios the restaurant manager would apologize and ensure steps to prevent in future as well as replace the situation or compensate the portion of meal or provide them a gift voucher equal in value keeping in mind the restaurants policy.
3) Handle an Employee who is not performing to Expectations
When an employee do not meet the expectations of company in their performance, the manager finds the reason for lack of performance, motivates the employee to perform better. Upon further poor performance follow the company’s protocol and if required end up to termination. Thus making sure that the manager is initiative in helping the employee but also not afraid in being authoritative when

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