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A Vacation in England How to Fit 2000 Years of English History Into an England Vacation A vacation in England is an opportunity to experience history, culture, fashion and quintessentially English customs and traditions. From the moment you step off your plane, or disembark from your ship, you cannot help but be captivated by the charm and quirks of this island nation who have been so massively influential globally. Perhaps one of the first places you’ll think of visiting is London itself – the capital city of both England, and of course the entire United Kingdom. London is indeed every bit as awe inspiring as tradition and reputation would have, and with over two thousand years of history within its walls, there is as much diversity in architecture and design as there is amongst the people who live and work here. With over 300 languages spoken in London, it remains an…show more content…
But English history is not dry and dusty, but alive, and rubbing shoulders gladly with the modern vibrancy of the twenty first century. It is a country of contrasts, of traditions, of culture and entertainment. Above all, England is an island that is justifiably proud of its unique heritage, and always eager to offer a friendly hand to anyone willing to spend time within its boundaries. If you only vacation in England once, it will stay with you forever. If you are seeking a luxury England vacation, you can’t beat the personal service offered by Ultitude with top class accommodation, food and travel. Ultitude provides you with a luxury travel experience for a fabulous England vacation. I am a bangladeshi student. Sorry for my bad english and thank in advance for your answer. Answer Yes, you can say he’s on vacation, or on break. In the US very few of us would say he’s on Holiday. Powered by Yahoo! Answers In case you can answer this question better? Do not hesitate to
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