Importance Of AAOP In The Army

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What is AAOP? AAOP stands for America’s Army our Profession. AAOP was made to inspire soldiers and civilians to recommit themselves to a culture of service and to follow the Army ethic and culture. They’re five characteristic’s to the Army profession and they are, trust, commitment to effective and ethical stewardship of the Army profession and to strengthen the Esprit de Corps. The United States Army was founded on the 3rd of June after the American Revolution ended. The Army’s main goal is to protect America and win any wars that comes our way. Their motto is “This we’ll defend’’, meaning they will defend the people and constitution of America. During the American Revolution the Continental Army hired civilians for many important jobs like crafting, cooking and laboring. Today civilians have some skills needed by the Army for operations daily. Now in today’s Army we have departments of the Army civilians, which include the Army reserves, and the National Guard. Theses militia soldiers date back to colonial America. Both branches has soldiers but unlike the regular Army they work only part-time and they are allowed to go to college and have…show more content…
The soldier must follow the laws of armed conflict and the rules of engagement. The Army Ethic is continuing the set of rules, beliefs, morals, and values rooted in the professional’s culture and influence’s the members to motivate and guide their peers toward a common goal. Sexual violence is an important issues in today’s Army because not only is it morally wrong it goes against all of the Army’s core values. Today you hear about high ranking officers getting dishonorably discharged out of the Army because of sexual assault. That’s why The Army is trying to change the way people look at them by making the AAOP to motivate and reassure soldiers of their duty to their

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