Importance Of Academic Integrity Essay

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Academic integrity is a commitment, even in the face of adversity, to five fundamental values; Honesty, Trust, Fairness, Respect and Responsibility. From these values flow principles of behaviour that enable academic community’s to translate ideas into action” (academicintegrity. org 9-10-14)
It should be widely accepted that in respect of education, academic integrity at third level is highly important. Everyone has the ability to cheat in an exam, fabricate the truth or plagiarise documents but at the end what have you truly accomplished. Would you like a surgeon to operate on you or your family and to later find out that he plagiarised two of his final exams or a politician who is in a position of power only to find out he or she was never
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People lie for all different reasons on a daily basis, a women taking a few years off her age to a child telling a fib about what actually happened the broken ornament in the living room. People lie in everyday life but when it comes to academic integrity this is totally unacceptable. Even a small lie can undermine a person’s work and destroy someone’s credibility. People need to be honest and open in all aspects of their work if they want it to be viewed as credible and authentic. Trust “Whoever is careless with trust in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters” (Albert Einstein).Trust is an integral part of academic integrity at third level education. Only with mutual trust can we consider other work to be valid. Trust is a fragile thing, it takes time to build but it can be gone in an instant. Only a minor discretion can break someone’s trust in you. Image and personality can be tainted for a long

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