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The fourth area of the Code of Conduct is Academic Integrity. This is important because it verifies that each student achieves the most out of their education. Each student has the right to interchange ideas with their professors and their classmates but must also understand academic integrity. Students must recognize and differentiate their research and their ideas appropriately. Completing work can often become overwhelming and students may feel the need to take easier routes to complete their work but this goes against the academic integrity. If a student has any worries about their academic integrity they are encouraged to contact their professor, mentor or academic advisor for guidance. Violating academic integrity is something that is done too gain an advantage when completing an assignment, which is unfair towards other students completing the same work. The work that is submitted by the students…show more content…
Copyright Violation is when material is not used in a legal approach. The university respects copyrighted materials and remind students, instructors and employees to follow this conduct. Copyrighted work is not to be replicated in any way and must have written consent by the holder or the representative. This work includes articles from journals or studies, television/radio programs, videos, music, pictures and more. All of the laws that are created for printed work apply to visual media retrieved electronically as well. Students must give their correct information such as previous academic and professional achievements. The documents provided must be precise otherwise the student can be rejected from being admitted to the University. Of course, misspellings unintentional mistakes do not matter in this

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