Importance Of Academic Success

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Academic success is very important to have a successful career later in life. In order to have academic success I will need to change many things and the way I do those things. I do not get the work that I need to do. Some of the areas that I need to work on to have academic success is time management, organization, getting a job, finding a career, and many other things.
Time management is a large part of helping me succeed. I usually understand the work given to me. It is just a matter of getting it done. I put everything off until the very last minute. If I used my time more wisely I could get things done earlier so I don 't have to rush last minute. My biggest problem is that I would rather just watch Netflix and movies. I always tell myself
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I think that overall my life would feel better and less stressful if I could keep everything clean and organized. I always forget or don’t have a good binder for certain classes. I stack stuff from other classes in the wrong binders. Using a planner helps but usually looking at it outside of school would help. In order to succeed at school, I need to be clean at home. My room is always a mess and I don 't wash my clothes until I have practically worn everything in my closet. If I could clean my room and keep it clean that would help. Having a desk to have all my school supplies and do my homework would help it get done faster and help me be more proficient. My car is always a mess. I always try to clean it, but it is always getting dirty because of my three little brothers that ride in it every day. I always have garbage and stuff that shouldn’t be in the car. A cleaner life would help me with academic…show more content…
Getting a job kind of goes under time management. I need a job because first I need money and second it would help keep my time better in check. If I had a job I would be making money and would also have had less time to do my homework. If I could put all of the other tactics together, then all of my time would be spent doing something that is useful. If I had a job I would feel more responsible and grown up. I wouldn 't feel like in order to get the money I had to work for my parents. I would feel free and one step closer to moving out and on my own. If I could have the feeling that if I wanted to run to town it wasn’t going to make my mom mad because she thinks she has to put more in I would love

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