Importance Of Academic Work In High School

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Throughout high school , I struggled with academic work . It wouldn't be that I didn't want to do the work ; it was just that it became more difficult for me to remember what I learned and put it to use . But for sports it was a different story , I could remember every single play and execute what I learned with ease . But that was high school now I'm in college and everything is ten times harder . Sometimes I wish the class room were as simple as me being on the field knowing what to do . I tried college without sports and just relying on my knowledge to help me transfer to another school . But it didn't work out too well , my first year of college was brutal ; school just didn't feel like the correct path for me . It was the spring semester…show more content…
I started to doze off slowly and quietly but in a huge crash my teacher dropped the textbook and yelled " Bryant by you sleeping it tells me either you are bored and couldn't care less about what is going on , or you are just a complete idiot that just came here to waste money . Why do I say those two ? Well , it's because there is no way you are going to pass this class , you can't even answer any of the questions correctly ! " . The moment he said that I began to remember about high school , the same situation would happen to me teachers would always tell me I wouldn't pass the class and how my attention and memory was horrible . But in lacrosse , my coaches were always impressed by how I could remember plays and how I executed certain situations as if it became second nature . In that instant of remembering that I realized something , classes alone weren't going to cut it ; no schools were going to want to accept me as a transfer . I realized that lacrosse was the only way for doors to open with / by / up me to offer me a better life . Dropping out was not an option of / on me , so the easiest solution was to join the CCM team
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