Importance Of Academic Writing

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Writing is not an easy task especially academic writing. A number of factors are involved in writing which makes it a difficult task. when thinking of writing the first obstacle that emerged in one 's mind is what to write. finding and deciding the area of interest is cumbersome task for a new writer. many suggest to start writing by writing a diary. in the diary one start with mention day to day events and experiences in very informal and simple style. it helps in taking a start and also developing a writing habit. but developing a writing habit is not the solution to the writing problems. quality writing like articles, research paper writing for newspaper involves number of complexities that turn writing again very difficult task. one of such difficulties is quality writing is grammar error free writing .sentence structure to tenses and punctuation all are those factor that requires greater understanding of the English grammar. unfortunately for non-native English writers, grammatical errors in writing prove to be greater disadvantage. there is no proper coaching or formal schooling available that help the new writer in improving .Consequently, the new writing become a discouraging practices which is abandoned in disappointment. writing is done with purpose. every writer writes in specific context and for specific audience and wishes that his message be well understood and printed on the minds of the reader. In today 's global and technological world where there is
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