Importance Of Academic Writing

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PROPER WAY OF CITING SOURCES FOR ACADEMIC PAPERS Making use the ideas of other people is one of the most particular features of academic writing. Spack (1988, p. 42) has emphasized that the most special skill a student can engage in is "the complex activity to write from other texts”, that is "a major part of their academic experience." In that case, any work you read or write will include the ideas of other writers and your own ideas. However, the main voice should be your own ideas. When you read an article or any work of another person and you get ideas or you base your ideas from that work, you must include the source you used. Even when you do not quote directly from another work, if you read that work and it contribute ideas in your paper, you must acknowledge the author. Citing sources will give the readers a chance to locate and explore more the sources you based your ideas from, show them further the scope of your research, and give proper credit to the authors for their ideas. Citations give evidence to your arguments and add credibility to your work by showing them that you have considered a variety of sources. In written academic papers, citing sources shows that you are responding to the authors, you are agreeing with their ideas, and adding something from your own ideas. When you take the words or ideas of other people, you must make this clear that it is not your own. If you other people’s words or ideas as if it is your own idea, this is plagiarism and as
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