Accommodations And Modifications Essay

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Accommodations and Modifications Accommodations Accommodations mean the services which we present to the learners to help them to access the education curriculum Modifications They mean the changes in the curriculum. Modifications are very important for the learners with disabilities who do not have the ability to understand all the content. This means that both the accommodations and modifications are methods or ways the teacher can use to serve the needs of disabilities students, so they are very im-portant and useful to reach to our goals. Accommodations and modifications make our work easier. The ASD students are very special students so they will need many accommodations and modifications to help them. The teacher can choose accom-modations and modifications which will be suitable for each student and write them in her IEP. Accommodations Modifications Extend the time to take a test. Because the ASD students need more time than other students and if the time is very short they will feel not comfortable. Instead of open-ended questions which need a complete sentence, correct words and correct grammer, we can give them yes or no strategy to make it easy for them. Instead of writing a paragraph which need many…show more content…
I can use many strategies to teach her the days of the week, I can make a chart shows the days of the week and hang it on the class wall, I can play a video that shows a story about a little girl and what she does each day. To make sure that we reach to our objective I will give the student the days of the week in small cards and ask her to glue them in the correct order. 2- The student will be able to describe herself by two sentences I can teach her the adjectives through some pictures that contain a photo and a word such as; tall, short, fat, thin, brown eyes and black hair. After that we will talk about herself; T- Are you tall? S-
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