Importance Of Accounting Information System

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Accounting information system has many functions in management and the importance. The most important is with wide-spread automatization can relate to accounting work processing. Accounting software packages have many software programs for supporting book-keeping, reporting, recording economic events or processing. Accounting software packages can support the activity of the enterprise for to update and integrated information system. Besides, the definition of accounting is as a system at the micro level that have process, procedure, rule and activities of an information system that need follow by the success of the enterprise to achieve the goals. For accounting information system is the accounting process and as a subpart of the information…show more content…
The information system provides the basic data on the informational database. To the enterprise, the information system has two subsystems are related. There is data processing or information supplying sub-system and a decision making sub-system. The responsible the data processing system are for acquiring, coding, processing and forwarding the information for the activity and operation. The responsible for decision making subsystem are the effect of directly or indirectly with management processes from data-processing systems. Also, these subsystems have a special role because of the enterprise accounting functional area does not have a strict efficient that related to the activity and operation of the enterprise. The accounting system has two main activities of the enterprise; processing information and supply information. The purpose of the accounting information system is to fulfill the accounting and reporting duties and to provide information on the high top possible level for the manager’s in make decision-making activity. There are few the characteristic sub-systems of the accounting information system, there are ledger and current account, financial, labor and wage accounting, investment, invoice and sales and stockpiling .These are a…show more content…
The main important purpose of the accounting information system is to promote the activity of the enterprise and to form a reliable and real picture of it. In addition, the accounting information system promotes the activity of the enterprise effectively by preparing up-to-date information statements, providing as much information as possible so that the data should be understandable all users not only for the experts(bookkeepers) and tracking liquidity. Nowadays accounting software is a programme which makes accounting work processes easier and faster and which makes it possible to meet the information demand of the management. It also can support the accountants’ work, helping to compile reports by in helping to compile reports by recording and processing the events concerning the
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