Medical Student Internship Report

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Just like the double helix structure of DNA is composed primarily with 2 strands of sugar phosphate backbone and 4 different nitrogenous bases (Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, and Guanine); I believe that an achievement in life needs to be constructed with a backbone plan, connected together with motivation, determination, knowledge, and passion. My achievement would be to become an efficient molecular pathologist to improve the quality of medical diagnosis and health care system in Burma (Myanmar). When I first went to Singapore for my Bachelor, I wanted to become a medical doctor because having a medical student in a family is like having a turkey on a silver plate for families in Burma. During my degree year 1, while I was helping at a career seminar as a student club member, Dr. Andrew P. Lucy, the director of student…show more content…
Therefore, for six months, I served as an intern at a medical diagnosis laboratory. During the internship, I had the opportunity to shadow Dr. Aye Aye Min, a senior pathologist, and assisted her in dissecting biopsies, running HER-2 tests and assessing patients ' serums for determining pathological conditions. The internship experience had strengthened my interests in the inter-relationships between molecular mechanisms and pathological phenotypes. Working as an intern, I had an opportunity to visit Yangon General Hospital and Yangon Blood Bank while transporting samples. I learned about the real quality of medical diagnosis available for ordinary people. Although the hospital I worked in was a private hospital, the costs for medical diagnoses and services are considerately reasonable. However, it is still expensive for about 65% of people living in Yangon, not to mention about people living in rural areas or other states. A visit to Yangon General Hospital was an admonishment for
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