Importance Of Action Research

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Action research is a practical approach to professional inquiry in any social situation (Dr Stephen Waters-Adams, Faculty of Education, University of Plymouth, 2006). It is a self-study, insider research undertaken by the practitioners themselves – those who carry out their professional practice. It is essentially a research on action. According to Carr and Kemmis (1986), action research is about the improvement of practice, of the understanding of practice, and of the situation in which practice takes place. Action research is systematic and rigorous and involves gathering of evidence about practice – it can be used in different situations and professional fields, for instance in medicine or social services.
In education, action research
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Action research is conducted by the practitioner himself, whereas traditional research is led by an outsider. The purpose of traditional research is to develop new knowledge, and it relies on peer review of methods and results; action research, on the other hand, is meant to solve practical problems and improve practice; it is research resulting in desired…show more content…
Action research allows theories and research related to best practice to understand and observe what is happening in a classroom, simultaneously, this data can be used to understand theories and research related to best practice (Johnson, 2012). When teachers collect their own data to make informed decisions for implementing the strategies that best meet the needs of their students , student achievement is enhanced (Book, 1996; Erickson, 1986; Hensen, 1996; Zeichner & Norfolke, 2001; Marks & Louis, 1997; Sweetland & Hoy, 2002). Action research can be used in schools to improve curriculum designing, faculty development, decision-making, planning, and organizational
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