Importance Of Active Learning

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To gain an insight into active learning, I delved into topical readings. Before I dug deep into readings I felt it was best to understand what defines active learning? Through research I learned that there is no universal definition for active learning, as many authors have different interpretations on the various terms used. *REF PRINCE* Kyriacou (2007) describes active learning as any type of learning activities where pupils are given a marked degree of autonomy and control over the organisation and direction of the activity. This type of work can be problem solving or investigational work which can be carried out by students individually or can be carried out collaboratively (Kyriacou, 2007). Active learning requires students to do meaningful learning activities and think about what they are doing *REF PRINCE*. Active learning is often contrasted to the traditional lessons, often referred to by teachers as ‘chalk and talk’ where students passively receive information from the teacher. A study was carried out by Benware & Deci (1984), to test whether students who learned through active learning would be more motivated than those who learned through passive learning. Results of this study showed that… . I feel as though passive learning is not beneficial for student learning and through research it has shown that the amount of information any students can retain substantially reduces after 10 minutes* REF THOMAS*. A quote by Confucius, to me really highlights the

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