Importance Of Actor Role

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The basics of an actor’s job are usually understood simply. One has to portray a certain character. It may be done with speech, movement or body language. Sometimes it would require specific directions from the director, writer, etc. But at other times it may also require actor’s own improvisation and interpretation of the role. A performer needs to have abilities, required for such job. Including characteristics as “good communication and listening skills; the capacity to work well in teams;” But one of the most important ones is the ability to interpret and analyse roles. Such characteristic helps an actor do his job right. A performer must make his audience be compassionate for a character that he is playing. He must make the character seem as a real-life individual. The reason why the audience needs to feel for the character they see on stage, is because one of the goals of theater is to make the audience have the experience that the character in a piece has. It can be different emotions that the character experiences, different events that he goes through that the audience members might or might not have gone through. When it comes to a performer playing a role of someone, who is a big figure in the history of the world, or someone who is going through big historical events and times, it is very important that the actor does his job right in terms of portraying the character’s emotions, so for the audience to feel them, as well as reflect on it so that the audience

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