What Is A Personal Statement Of Purpose Of The Adaptive Leadership Model

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In terms of academia, this year has been very important for me. I was accepted into the honours program in the Department of Psychology and I attribute this accomplishment directly to the time and effort I 've committed to my academic work for the past three years which has allowed me to obtain a very high grade point average thus subsequently being accepted in the program of my choice. That being said, I have developed many new and unique friendships and working relationships which I hope to maintain after I graduate. I have worked extremely hard this semester to maintain high grades. I am enrolled in three very time-consuming psychology classes to which I have devoted almost all of my time which has subsequently taken a toll on my social …show more content…

This behaviour is mentioned in the Adaptive Leadership Model conceived by Heifetz and his colleagues. Essentially, a person who is able to adapt to change while remaining comfortable in unfamiliar situations will be much better suited to new and stressful situations. I believe that this is a behaviour which is crucial for my academic success because every class in which I enroll presents me with new experiences and challenges. If I am able to avoid the distress that comes with these new challenges, I will be better suited to focus on the task at hand rather than worry about the stresses involved with the new experience. In order to better regulate my distress, I need to take specific actions suggested by the Adaptive model. These actions are: creating a holding environment, providing myself with a plan to manage the distress and regulating my distress. These actions can easily be achieved with minimal effort such as ensuring that my work space is tidy and well organized so that when I need to complete an unfamiliar assignment I am able to do so with less external stressors. This ties in with the skill of being well organized which I believe is also essential to becoming a better student. Being organized is fundamental to maintaining and enhancing academic results. It permits the person to save time and recognize relevance in …show more content…

If I am ever uncertain on how to start an assignment or if I am lacking ideas, they will always attempt to help me by suggesting different solutions to my problem. I have also asked them to keep me motivated in the rare case that I experience setbacks or

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