Importance Of Admission In College

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When I first started applying to colleges, University of California, Riverside was one which quickly ascended my personal ranking system. As I did more research into the university, the more reassured I felt that I could find what I sought after and that I would be happy there. One aspect which put allowed UCR to stand out to me more than the other colleges I had applied to, - as minor as it may sound - is its distance from my home. Secondly, I was easily able to find my desired major and the accompanying suggested academic calendar, which immediately put the university above most others. And thirdly, I have heard great praise of not only the engineering program and Bourn’s school, but the University as a whole from both my colleagues, a handful of friends with family are currently attending or graduated, and my high school advisors. Overall, I look forward to attending UCR, as it appears to be the best option in every category I have set out for the colleges I have applied to.
I see large amounts of potential in UCR helping me attain my goals; it is the reason I am looking to attend after all. Let me explain: I have always loved building and creating things. It is my longest lasting and favorite hobby to turn to when I have little to do. For as long as I can
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The way I see it, I have no intention of going to a college which does not have what I am interested in, as that would be a waste of money. I want to go to college so that I may learn more about my passion, and gain first-hand experience from experts in the field so that I may improve my practices. The fact that UCR has an engineering major is something that immediately put them on my radar. Once I found the breadth requirements of Bourns College of Engineering, I was able to find classes of interest which would fulfill those requirements as

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