Importance Of Adult Education Essay

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Education is the central process of social change and development of any country. It empowers people with skills, expertise and giving them an access to employment in future. It also opens many opportunities which leads to empowerment of the most vulnerable sections of society i.e. women and lower caste people. Women constitute almost half of the human population and hence, without educating women it is not possible to achieve equitable development. Moreover, it is also said that to educate a woman is to educate the whole family. Therefore, the emphasis with women education should be to equip her with necessary skills and knowledge which can lead to access to economic and employment opportunities in future.
Since many decades, the governments all over the world have taken initiatives for providing education to both men and women in their countries. In India, also there is a focus on achieving Millennium Development goal of
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Pure, “adult education teaches people the culture of their society. And enable them to live accordingly to it ways. It is a process of directed- learning primarily towards the individual’s personality in consonance with ways of society. It aims at bringing more effective participation in desirable values, in this way adult education is a great socialising agency” (Sagar Reddy, 2007).
Eradication of illiteracy has been a major concern of all the Governments since Independence. The need for a literate population and education for all age groups was recognised as a crucial component for development of nation and was given a place in constitution and five year plans as well. In 1947, the literacy rate of India7was at a mere 14 percent with female literacy of 8 percent. To bolster this situation, numerous programmes have been introduced by Government of India.
i. Social Education: This programme was implemented in First Five year plan in 1951-56. It focussed on literacy, social3consciousness, extension and

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