Importance Of Adultery

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Adultery is when one person has sexual relations or intimacy with persons other than their spouse or current partner, also known as cheating. In this paper, I argue that adultery is morally impermissible in any circumstance. The film The Other Women accurately depicts adultery as a morally impermissible option. Adultery is an ethical issue that some may seem as permissible under certain circumstances, such as one’s spouse not being around or not being satisfied in the current relationship. However, adultery is morally impermissible because it violates the trust between the two in the committed relationship, it causes emotional and may cause physical harm, and it can impact the life of the family and other relationships involved. II.) Film’s…show more content…
Adultery can lead to emotional and sometimes physical pain. The emotional pain becomes obvious; once the person finds out their spouse or loved on has cheated on them, it hurts. They tend to lose a part of themselves, during this emotional time. The individual has to cope with the idea of ending a relationship that was supposed to be a commitment to each other. As in any relationship, when the trust and basic foundations of a relationship are broken, emotional pain is bound to happen, this is because one may become unsure if they even knew the person at all. Thoughts like how did they not know, how could they not know what their significant other was up to or really like begin to form. The film displayed the main character undergoing many stages of emotional phases. The character falls apart and cannot keep it together as she breaks down crying when first hearing about the affair. She even walks towards the window of the building, wanting to escape. She experiences pain right away and is unsure with how to cope with it. When a person goes through such a traumatic experience, their mental health may be affected. According to Dolan, cheating can affect an individual’s mental health, as they “experienced greater depression, anxiety and distress after being cheated on” (Dolan, 2017). In another scene, the audience watches the main character sitting in her wedding dress, crying, eating ice cream. It was at this point she really becomes aware that her marriage is over, and the most pain is

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