Importance Of Adventures In The Galapagos

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Adventures in the Galapagos abound for many styles of travel. There are paths by land and by sea for families, couples, photographers and beach lovers throughout the archipelago that lead to days full of surprise and discovery.
Havens for the intrepid, base camps for the active family on the go, enclaves for divers and retreats for the jet set dot the islands. Depending on what you want to do and how you want to explore when visiting the Galapagos, take a look at the different options available.
Indiana Jones
If grabbing your Panama hat and camera while following in Darwin’s footsteps is your style, there are a number of islands that the Beagle explored that you can visit island hopping by ferry, and hotels for varying types of clientele
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Buy tickets a day before and understand that the boats fill up and the journey is at times, bumpy.
• Hotels range from basic; rooms with beds, showers and air conditioning, to luxury; master suites with whirlpool baths, and in-house restaurants and tour guides. When booking any accommodation it’s wise to get confirmation in both English and Spanish in writing about what’s included.
• Hotels arrange tours with their own contacts on the islands. Vet budget tours carefully and find out about the experience and spoken languages of the guides, transport and what costs extra before booking. Similarly, enquire about luxury tours arranged through hotels to find out the experience and qualifications of the guides, options for adding destinations and if food and gear are
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• We understand that a trip to the Galapagos is a once in a lifetime experience. Our focus is on making the time our guests spend in the islands using the camp as a base the best it can be for all involved.
• Our staff have greeted and tended to guests from all walks of life and love showing those who take the journey why they call the Galapagos home. Far from an ordinary job, those who work at GSC are invested personally, welcoming visitors as if they were old friends.
The Life Aquatic
For the diving crowd in search of adventure under the sea, a few trusted operators on the islands offer day trips to multiple dive sites throughout the archipelago. These trips include gear, lunch and accredited dive masters. The main base for operators is Santa Cruz. Excursions normally include two dives for a day trip, leaving early and returning before sunset. Divers need to visit the dive center the day before to check out

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