Importance Of Advertisement

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Muhammad Ehsan Malik Introduction In his research paper he discussed the importance of advertisement in today’s era. Advertisement is the essence of any product or brand. He insisted that advertising, when done in a proper way, is a quickest way to attract a large volume of the target audience in one shot. Advertisement can be done through various media. The widely used print mediums are newspapers, magazines, and brochures and broadcast medium such as television, radio, internet. On the other hand he is saying about the importance of consumer perception. Any business in this world can get success, when it start attracting and retaining the consumers with profit and this goal is achieved when company builds a strong consumer perception for its product or service. He described the role of consumer perception in determining the behavior of customers. Consumer perception can be built through a number of ways which include the appearance, feel, price, quality of the product and by fulfilling the promise made by the product and previous experience. Moreover perception can also be created with the help of different sessions with the customers, and by giving them a platform to express their views freely. It all gives the consumers the confidence and they feel good about the product. He forecasted that the scope of advertisement is very good as it had grew a lot in last ten years. Advertisement is considered as the most effective instrument to market any company’s new
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