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Advertising is the audio and visual form of communication with use of products or services. These advertisements are paid messages and promotions through various mass mediums that aim to inform and persuade consumers. Code of ethics is an important document that outlines the missions and values of the business or organization on how to approach and handle problems professionally should there be a breech. In advertising “the code of ethics help advertisers to set ethical standards to govern ways of communication and develop self-regulatory ads” (TutorialPoint). It also governs the communication that takes place between the buyer and the seller. Advertisement in some cases is considered unethical as it sometimes gives misleading information,…show more content…
The highest ethics of advertisement should be practiced when advertising to children. Their immaturity, vulnerability and lack of experience as well as the lack of cognitive skills may mislead and unduly influence them. Advertisers should be mindful of the fact that children in this day and age are much more exposed because of the use of computers, tablets, cell phones and video games where advertisements are featured. There should be appropriate guidelines for a child’s protection from information and materials that are harmful to their well-being. One example of this is certain food and drinks that are not healthy for consumption especially at an early age and could potentially harm the child. Subliminal advertising is an inherently misleading action which allows consumers to perceive information at a subliminal level. A number of studies show that the level at which some things are registered is below the conscious mind. It involves the manipulation of a person’s thinking without realizing. This is considered unethical. In conclusion, there are many advantages of advertising if done morally. However, consumers believe that a great deal of advertising is unethical because: it is untruthful, it tricks people, and targets vulnerable people. The importance of advertising is steadily increasing in today’s society therefore, it is important for organizations to follow the principles and guidelines that govern the marketing of their products and services based on the interest of their

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