Personal Narrative: Everyone Else's Advice

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I used to think that I knew everything and I did not need anybody else's advice. Now I understand that getting advice from other people is better than not listening to them talk. Getting advice from other parents, friends, and teachers is helpful because they are speaking from experience, can get more than one opinion, and there is more to life than a person may think of it. Firstly, these parents, teachers, and other students may have gone through this situation that another person is in and they will be able to tell what they did when they went through that. Some people say that when somebody gets olden they also get wiser. This is so true. My parents and most of my teachers are at least 15 years older than me. These people are much wiser than me and they give good advice. If a person has gone through a situation…show more content…
Everybody that thinks that they have it bad may have some things wrong but there is always another person that has it worse than we do. My mother always says not to waste food because one kid out of four are malnourished. Also poor nutrition causes nearly half (45%) of deaths in children under five, this means that 3.1 million children die each year. My friends and family always remind me and I try to remind the people around me of how good our lives are. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because of all the food, but another reason is because we get to spend a few days thinking about how good our lives are and how much we have. My teachers always try to give me the best suggestions for my school work and they help to correct me if I am wrong. If I do not know what to do for a project or if I do not know the answer to a problem they can give me ideas that will help me. Parents, teachers, and other peers will most likely have input to give the people in their life. This input can help them to see on the bright side of

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