Importance Of African American Studies In Public Schools

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The Lack of African American studies in Public Schools
The public schools in North Carolina are faced with a huge number of challenges. One challenge is the significant difference between the black and the white students. This in return is accompanied by certain issues like the lack of African American studies in these schools. This results in a long traumatic consequences and standing concerns that have rippled through the educational system of the society. Few or little African American studies in this school have taken place over the public education systems that the parents and different systems of the black society have taken note of this. Educator Larniece Spencer stated, “I have notice the lack of the African American studies in my first
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It is, therefore, important to teach this history since it is expected to help these students also learn about themselves in the process. Therefore a creation of a curriculum that will teach black history is expected to have effects where black students understand and appreciate their heritage while white students and students of the other races focus on appreciating and incorporating the ideas shown by history in their day to day lives. This customs them into behaving and appreciating rather than judging and provoking. The curriculum is crucially important since it is expected to create units on literature to history that students can make connections with around the society and in the…show more content…
While passing this information, their humanity is ignored as their humanity was denied in the past. However, when the huge contributions of the African Americans during, before, and after their enslavement are acclaimed, then their humanity is un-denied, and their lives start to matter in the society. The start of initiatives introducing the learning of black history in schools allows the restoration of the humanity of African Americans. It opens up the society to the ideology that society can only learn to appreciate the African American members of the society by learning about their history. This revelation should also allow children to grow appreciating African Americans, not just from their color but from their historical path that has led them to strive to be crucial members of the society. The lack of African American studies in the society has denied students in Public Schools in North Carolina a chance to appreciate the need for acknowledging black history. In the process, this is expected to raise students who appreciate on another based on their background and history in a bid to eliminate racism in the
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