Importance Of Aging In The Elderly

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Understanding Skin Aging in the Elderly

Considering that the skin is the largest organ of the human body, it is not an exception to age-related changes. In fact, the skin is most likely the most affected part of the body from the external forces such as sun exposure, weather changes, dust, and other forms of pollution.

People always do their best in keeping the skin healthy and youthful. However, age-related conditions give room for sagging and other skin infections to accumulate on the skin especially if the diet is not well maintained. Older people experience dry skin and itching for several reasons such as not drinking enough water, stress, smoking, and too much sun exposure. Other skin problems include bruises, wrinkles, age spots, and
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Some even have premature skin aging experiences due to imprecision towards their health. Yes, aging plays a major role to skin aging but it is often slower than how the environmental and lifestyle choices affect our skin. You can actually do something.

Protect your skin from the sun
It is very important that your loved ones are protected especially from the harsh sunlight; hence, sun protection is essential. You can put on sunscreen or lotion that has a broad spectrum and at least higher than SPF 30. Seek a shade when the sun shining really hot.

Since the sun plays a major role in the premature aging of the skin, prevent the sun from damaging your skin cells. You can also ask your in-home caregiver to include these in your elderly loved ones’ health care plan. Protecting your skin from premature aging can actually boost one’s self-esteem from its apparent results.

Stop smoking
Smoking is redundantly considered to give negative effects in the body. One of the conditions that smoking tends to speed up is skin aging. It can speed up the ability of the skin to absorb the right fluids to remain plumpness. If you want to stay healthy and remain youthful inside out, then ask your healthcare provider on how you can quit smoking as soon as
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Exercise does not necessarily mean they would lose weight. Exercise allows proper blood circulation and balance of the hormone distribution in the body leading to a good mood and feeling.

Covenant Premium Senior Care, a dependable source of senior care in Richmond, Texas, appreciates the benefits of exercise and other recreational activities for older people. One of the most recommended forms of exercise is walking. Walking does not have to be strenuous but not too dull. There are so many ways that older people can enjoy walking.
Follow these tips to be able to practice proper walking exercise.

Consult your healthcare team
First and foremost, it is imperative that you consult your doctor about your exercise plan. Your doctor and in-home caregiver can develop proper exercise routines and other recreational activities for you. These healthcare providers will be able to adjust your exercise and recreation to your health conditions and interests. It is important that you like what you are doing; hence, it also needs your assistance.

Be conscious of your walking

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