Importance Of Agricultural Engineering

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Introduction to agricultural engineering
The word “agriculture” is a separate biological field, but engineering has changed the concept of the field. Agriculture means “the farming and cultivation of lands and breeding of animals”. While engineering means “the formation and building of machinery and equipment’s for the ease of humans”. Combine agricultural engineering is the branch of science used to build, design, improve, and construct equipment’s and machinery for the ease of peoples working in the field of agriculture. An agricultural engineer use latest scientific technology to design a new machine which will help the farmers in future in doing their job more easily. An agricultural engineer work for the increase of economy in the field of agriculture by inventing and discovering the efficient tools. Remember agricultural engineering is a very broad field and it includes its sub branches such as soil science, environment science, plant bio engineering, and animal science etc.
What is development?
Development means a positive change in the quality of life by building latest tools or by increasing economic condition of a country. Notice that the development does not mean the growth. Because the growth stop growing but the development does not stop. The development is a physical change which can sensed by humans. Development means that the idea or concept about a subject has been changed and the recent idea has been developed.
Agricultural engineering and social
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