Importance Of Agriculture In Assam

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Agriculture is the dominant land use category in the state. It account for about 54.11 per cent of the total geographical area. Including persons dependent on plantation, more than 80 per cent of the total population, more than 80 per cent of the total population of Assam is dependent on agriculture. With the increase of population and the development of agro technology, lots of changes take place in the agricultural scenario of the state. The net area sown as well as the gross cropped area increased significantly in the last few decades. This decreases area under other uses especially area under forest. Although, the development in agriculture has tremendous important in the economy of the state but the ecological impacts of the changing land use pattern need to be considered.
Agriculture is the primary sector in the state’s economy. The socio-economic condition of Assam largely depends on its agricultural production. Thereby, the Assam department of agriculture has decided to take up various development measures to ensure growth in crop production. North east including Assam is in the core of the widely recognized centers of diversity of several field, horticulture and cash crops. The geographical location, physical features and historical factors have made the state an area of unique ethnic and cultural diversity. Variations among different ethnic groups in their traditional knowledge of uses, quality preferences and farming practices are the additional
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