Importance Of Agriculture In India

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INTRODUCTION Agriculture in India is the most crucial sector and plays significant role in the economic development of Indian economy. India’s prosperity depends upon the prosperity of agriculture as it provides employment to two third of its population and contributes nearly one third of national income. However, its importance goes well beyond the economic fabric of India. Social, cultural, political and economic structure of the economy is strongly built on the foundations of agriculture. Strengthening agriculture, hence, is critical for strengthening the economy. But the tragedy lies in the fact that the agricultural workers constitute the most neglected class in Indian rural structure. Their income is low, employment is irregular and working condition is hazardous. Since they lack skill and training, there is no alternative choice. Moreover they are suppressed group of people socially too. As they are scattered and unorganised they cannot fight for their rights. Their ignorance has kept them away from availing the benefits of government programmes. They are deprived of adequate access to the basic needs of the life such health, education, food, security, employment, justice and equality. Because of all these reasons their economic standard has failed to improve even after seven decade of planning. Risk is pervasive in the lives of poor agriculturists and workers. Although the type of risks such as death, illness, accident, old age, unemployment, crop-loss etc. are no

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