Importance Of Agriculture In Mexico

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Agriculture in Mexico is significant from the very early stages as it stood as the third largest exporter of agricultural goods in the United States market. Agriculture in Mexico employed more than 25 percent of the labour force and contributed in having a significant GDP. Crop production was and continuous to be the most important agriculture activity for Mexico. Wheat, beans, corns and sorghum are the most important crops for consumption purpose. Fruits, vegetables, sugars and coffee are the most important crops for export which shows that Mexico is one of the top producers of agricultural products in the world. In 1998 Mexico 's export of fruits and vegetables to the United States generated revenues of $2.86 billion while meat and fish exports generated $.71 billion, and coffee and cocoa $682 million. A scientific study shows that Mexico is divided into two types of cultivable land. Primarily, where the farmers have a very small area of cultivable land from which they can use it as a primary source of income and to supplement their own food. Generally, these types of farmers don’t have the access to technology. Whereas, in the other case agriculture is carried out by large plantations, their major objective is trade. In this type of agriculture, technology is used at a massive scale and huge numbers of employees are hired. Much of the production is exported to international markets. The Mutual Agro-Trade Ties Mexico is blessed with similar climatic conditions as of

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