Importance Of Agripreneurship

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Agri-preneurship is a key figure in economic progress of a developing country like India. Agri-preneurship is the way of converting developing country into a developed nation. Agri-preneurship is the answer to removal of rural poverty in India. Therefore, there should be more stress on integrated entrepreneurship development programs in the field of agriculture. The Indian economy is basically an agrarian economy; it can serve as a platform for agricultural entrepreneurship, food processing and other allied activities. At the time of Independence in 1947, more than half of the national income was contributed by agriculture. The First Five Year Plan has emphasized on agricultural development. Also the Green Revolution strategies adopted during 1960s has contributed a lot in making India self sufficient in food production. With the advent of New Economic Policy adopted since 1991, the scenario has changed drastically. At this time Ms. Rikin Gandhi after working for the United States Space Program as an aeronautical engineer, strong-willed to help Indian farmers with his project ―Digital Green sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with the alliance of Non Governmental Organizations. Agriculture is the prime mover of economic growth in Jammu and Kashmir. The state has a paramount role in food production, processing and food security of the Country. The state ranked no.1 in terms of production of apples and dry-fruits. Thus, Agri-preneurship has been
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