Importance Of Agrotourism In Malaysia

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4.0 DATA ANALYSIS AND FINDINGS 4.1 INTRODUCTION This chapter discussed the findings that have been organized in thematic style based on the objectives of this research. A specific form of the content analysis was chosen to analyze agrotourism which is the potential opportunities for farmers and local communities in Malaysia as well as their implications. The finding of this research can be divided into three parts. First part of findings will be discussing about the objective of this research which is to identify the development agrotourism in Malaysia. Second part is the potential opportunities for farmers and local communities in Malaysia. Lastly, the findings will be discussing on the implication of the agrotourism that occur Malaysia.…show more content…
Due to the tremendous positive impact on farmers this type of alternative tourism plays an important role in ensuring rural development. Agro-tourism is an aspect to be highlighted in this study, as it can be classified as a productive development strategy within the context of rural communities due to its substantial positive impact on the livelihoods of the agriculturalists (Hjalager,…show more content…
The potential of agro-tourism still be realized especially in many countries in Asia. One of the course participants Deputy Director Zefrinus Wong, of the Department of Fisheries Sabah state “the concept of agro-tourism fairly new to many stakeholders, especially small farmers, and more information distribution and training need to be undertaken to develop the entrepreneurial sense of farmers and to create that awareness. He also saw the necessity to train extension staffs supporting farming communities to participate in community-based resource management for conservation and tourism development. During the programs, the participants visited the Mari-Mari Cultural Village in Kiamson, Kota Kinabalu that showcased the rich cultural heritage of several traditional groups in Sabah state; in Ranau area , there have Sabah Tea Agro-tourism which demonstrated processing-based agrotourism and tea farming. Besides that, in Tagal Moroli Ecotourism also in Ranau area the best practices to observe the management and conservation of river for

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