Importance Of Air Travel

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Throughout the years of the human race humankind has developed ways to get around such as a wagon, car, bike, and train which have are all known as ground transportation ,but there is also another way to get around which is by air and a way to get around by air is in a plane. Planes are aerodynamic basically meaning that they can fly but there is always the question of how do planes fly what makes a plane travel that speed to reach certain unreachable heights. This paper will be about how planes are able to fly and reach the unattainable skies. One of the major roles of air travel is air “which is a physical substance which has the weight”(grc.nasa). If you think about it air does play a key role because of the low pressure and high pressure which helps the plane take off. The air though has molecules Which are constantly moving , meaning that everything that fly need air. Air the power to make thing blow away with push and pull of the Wind. A condition of atmosphere in which the pressure is above average IsIs known as high pressure another key factor of air travel The other factor is low pressure Which is basically the same as high pressure but it 's below average. High pressure and low pressure hope things left to take off into the air making them A necessity. A part from air weight also Plays a part in a travel and 1640 Evangelista Torricelli Discovered that air has weight when experimenting with missioning Mercury he discovered that air put pressure On

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