Importance Of Alignment Technique In Football

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Alignment assignment technique! Those are the three words that have been screamed in my face by coach Eben. I swear the man thinks we could end world hunger if everyone would just have good alignment, assignment, and technique. Alignment, assignment, and technique are also known as AAT. To play anywhere on the football field you have to have good AAT, but especially if you want to play defensive tackle, or DT. It is easy to understand, but hard to do. Alignment is where you line up, assignment is what you are supposed to do, and technique is the way in which you do it. Three things needed to be a valuable DT. The first step to being an effective defensive tackle is to always be aligned right. Different teams have different ways…show more content…
Once again different teams give their DT’s different assignments. If You are apocryphal, about your assignment that is not good. 90 percent of the time a DT’s job is to fill a gap. A gap is the area between offensive linemen were the running back runs through. Know a defensive tackle's job is to go into that gap, and not get pushed out by the offensive lineman. This is an extremely hard assignment. The defensive tackle will get a signal from his linebacker telling him what gap to go into. Know if the defensive tackle does not fill his gap the opposing running back will trot right through the gap and get a touchdown. Know if the DT does his job correctly, he will be on the bottom of the pile, and the linebacker should make the tackle. The reason being if a DT goes in his gap the offense does not want him there so they will send 2 people to move him, know the linebacker isn’t being blocked so he can step up and make the tackle. If they do not double team the DT then he should make the tackle, but they will double team him if he is doing his job correctly. If you always know your assignment you will be a valuable player on your…show more content…
Technique is the way in which someone does something. Technique would just accrue to your skill set as a DT. Different players have different technique. Technique can be broken down into three categories. The three categories technique can be broken down into is Attitude, effort, and form. Having thee three qualities is the epitome of a good DT. A DT must be relentless, he must get to his gap and not ever move out of it. He must be confident that he will always beat the offensive player to his gap. That is the first step to good technique. His main goal in life must be to get into his gap, otherwise he will not, because there is about 620 pounds of mean offensive linemen that do not want him there. That is the attitude a DT must have. Know his effort must always be 100 percent. If he gets knocked down, he must get up. If he is hurt, it does not matter. The whole game revolves around him filling his gap. Last DT must never loses his form, if he loses his form he loses that battle. The form is simple all he has to do is stay low, and hit that offensive guard right in the thigh with his shoulder pad as hard as he can. Then when the other offensive lineman comes to move him he cannot because he is pinched in between to O-lineman, and their forces are working against each other. This must be done every play start to finish. If you have good technique you can be an
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