How Can Ambition Motivates Human Behavior

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A famous poet Josiah G Holland once said, “God gives every bird its food, but he does not throw it into the nest.” This explains how if someone wants to achieve his/her goal all they have to do is work towards it and get it done. Everyone is given a fair opportunity to succeed, but not everyone does. Ambition is the strong desire to do or to achieve something. The most ambitious people, the ones who will work towards it the most will succeed. Whether in school, jobs, or sports, the people that work the hardest succeed the most. Despite most people thinking ambition is positive, there are drawbacks to such dedication. Creating your own expectations is much better than having them set by someone else. It will create less stress on the person. One the other hand, creating too high of expectation can cause stress as well. Ambitious people feel entitled to exceed expectations and become perfect, however, if they do not achieve that goal they will feel dissatisfied. Ambition most motivates human behavior by encouraging people to work hard and creating stress on him/herself and others. Ambition is a very important trait to have regardless of circumstance. Working hard will not only benefit yourself, but it gives a rewarding feeling. Having ambition will…show more content…
Ambition will help people reach their highest goals and success. Famous athletes like Michael Jordan and Jackie Robinson both exhibit this trait in their careers. Both on and off the field/court, they set high goals for themselves and achieved them. Along with success, ambition can bring stress. It is important to set reasonable goals, instead of high ones that will create stress and worry. Josiah G Holland talks about everything it available for the taking, but you will need to work to achieve those. If you want to succeed, set goals for yourself. Being ambitious will carry yourself a long

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