Importance Of American Culture

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America has a great culture, is a multicultural nation, home to many racial, traditional and diverse groups. When people talk about America, there are so many things that people from around the world admiring and learning.It is a rich country, especially about the culture. American culture is diverse and abundance, but it still has its own cultural identity. Sometimes, it is hard to understand the culture in any country where I have never come, but I really want to discover about this. Through the American Culture 2 course, I can have an opportunity to expand my knowledge about the diversity of American culture. I learn many things such as religion, government, business, and so on. but, the most interesting issue for me, which is inventiveness and the can-do spirit in American from “The Frontier Heritage” lesson. There are several reasons why I feel interesting…show more content…
Firstly, I admire someone, who can create a new thing. Americans are known for their creativity, it is also called inventiveness. According to the lesson, I learned and knew some information about that. In the past, there were people who are called frontier. As its name suggests, they cultivated the wilds. During the cultivation, people idealised the rugged individual. This thought became inventiveness. In every time, they met not only new things but also new problems. In this situation, frontiers found the way to do things. For example, they were equally impressed by the pioneer woman’s ability to make clothing, candled, soap, and many other items needed for the daily life of her family. Therefore, I can see that Americans can invent many things, which provide for their daily life

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