Importance Of Accountable Team

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Accountable Team
In my work experience, the roles I played change a lot. From an engineer who received instructions and lead small team complete task, to a leader who learned, understood tasks and then assigned works to suitable staff. For me, this is a big growth and change.
Under the manufacturing industry training, observing discipline, complying with SOP and achieving the goal seem to be a work habit, based on this, I deeply understand the importance of team operation, so I am going to share “What is Accountable Team?”, “The belief of Accountable Team.” and “The Establishment of Accountable Team”.

What is “Accountable Team”?

In view of the changes in environment and time, and the adjustment of company’s business strategy, Chairman of
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Three elements of life: sunlight, air and water.
Three elements of a successful activity: professional organizer, dedicated player and enthusiastic audience.
Three elements of a successful organization: visionary supervisor, professional employee and good system.

In my opinion, developing an accountable team needs not only work training, but also holding Lohas activities; infusing entertainment into teaching, which cultivates staff’s the project planning and management capacity. For example, the year-end party held, the family fun fay, 五鬥競賽, and other various clubs and activities. All the responsible units and staff show that the value and spirit of corporate’s “Accountable” culture through holding those activities.

Like the annual popular activities -五鬥競賽. Originally 五鬥競賽 is S000 FAB's annual sports competition. 2009 A00M wafer manufacturing group also took part in 五鬥競賽 which became a bigger activity. 2015 五鬥競賽 combined with Lohas activity and be promoted and extended to whole company. Each year the departments take turns to hold the event and staff are active
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Accountability means doing your own job, like the three separate circles (see figure 1). Although everyone finishes their work, there is still a grey area, especially in high work specialization. Gray area is the part that doesn’t effectively communicate and cause some problem. Only when everyone is willing to extend their circles (taking more responsibilities) spontaneously, cooperate and then fill up the gray area together (see figure 2). This is the attitude that “Accountable Team” represents and also the corporate culture that we expected to

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