Summary: The Importance Of Anesthesia

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The thought of having to undergo surgery without any type of anesthetic is quite unfathomable. Anesthesia is something that people take for granted and its importance is often overlooked. Until the eighteenth century, anesthetics were typically concocted by herbalists from the plants and flowers available to them. Surgeons would use an opioid concocted from poppy flowers on a sponge through means of inhalation to subdue their patients. As the practice of medicine has progressed, the methods used in administering anesthesia have also been modified. Anesthetics are administered through either inhalation or through injection. Researching the effects of anesthesia is important due to the diversity of each person who must undergo it. Differences in the human body must be considered when medically putting a person to sleep. Finding an anesthesia that accommodates a large portion of the human population is important because each patient deserved the same treatment for any surgical procedure. As the increased curiosity of anesthesia was arising, scientist Linus Pauling became interested in…show more content…
If it were not for scientists like Pauling experimenting and doing research that was mostly disappointing, medicine would be unable to make the advancements needed. Anesthesia’s importance is obvious however, is also overlooked when discussing the seriousness of it. There are many risks to being subdued by medicine due to the body’s different reactions to certain drugs and situations. Research in this field must be ongoing in order to accommodate the needs of everyone that needs to have a surgery performed. This practice of medicine allows people the comfort of going into and coming out of surgery pain free. Not being able to be asleep in certain procedures could be life threatening to the
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