Essay On Importance Of Animals In Research

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Yes, animals are the very useful and important type of living things to be used as research item to find out what happens in living bodies, which is very more complex than the sum of its parts. Animals are used to research about cells and systems in living things mostly for humans with alternative methods. There are four reasons why animals should be used in research.

Animals research are important to help us to understand how living things works. Basic animal cell processes and the body of animals are just the same as humans on how they perform vital functions of living things such as breathing, digestion, sight, movement, hearing and reproduction. From animals research, it gives a great deal of the knowledge of the body’s anatomy and
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New medicine developed by researches require testing because researches must measure both the beneficial and the harmful effect of a compound on a whole organism. A medicine is usually tested in vitro using tissues and isolated organs, but legally and ethically it also must be tested in a suitable animal model before the clinical trials in humans can take place. The animal tests will provide data on efficacy and safety. They are not only identifies potential safety concerns, but it also determine the doses which will given to the volunteers and patients during the first human trials. Testing on animals will serves to protect the consumers, workers and the environment from the harmful effect of chemicals. All these chemicals that are for commercial or personal use must be tested so that their effect on the people and animals exposed to them is understood. The chemicals that we use day-to-day can be accumulated in the water, ground or air around us, and their potential impact on the environment must be researched thoroughly.

Animals researches are very important nowadays. Without animal research, no medicine will be developed and there will be no remedy to all kind of diseases in this world. Yet it is cruel to make animals as research item, but for human survive, it must be
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