Essay On Testing Animals

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Amro Amanuddein
Animals: are they pets or test subjects?

The issue of experimenting on animals is a controversial, sensitive and painful topic which has been debated over in recent years. More or less people consider that animal testing is satisfactory, however, others rightfully assume that it is unacceptable and should be rejected. You might question my use of the term ‘rightfully’, but I will demonstrate clearly why ‘rightfully’ is exactly the correct term. Unfortunately, animal testing in Saudi Arabia is legal but, is animal testing really beneficial? Do we genuinely require to end those poor and feeble animal’s lives for our own selfish demands?
Every day, millions of different animals are held captive and are tortured ‘in the name of Science’. In order to test for new products, these poor defenseless creatures are tested upon with harmful substances. A couple of years ago a drug called TGN1412 was tested on some human volunteers, it nearly killed them, even so, they were left with permanent, disgusting health problems. So what on earth gives a scientist the right to go ahead and test it on an animal with a dose 500 times stronger, its sheer cruelty. The most controversial part of
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Humans cannot explain making life better for themselves by randomly torturing and murdering millions of animals per day to undergo useless laboratory experiments to test products. Animals must be treated according to animal rights this does not include dumping them into cages like trash and torturing them. After all, aren’t we part of the animal kingdom too? The alternative mentioned above should be used to as it is a more efficient method of testing products since the human physiology is not the same as the animal physiology and it also helps to preserve many animal’s lives. After all of this is said and done can you still support animal testing? I suggest not
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