Pros And Cons Of Animals In Captivity

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700,000 animals are captured and put into zoos each year. Just think about the number of lives we are ruining day by day. Firstly animals should be able to roam around freely, not be behind bars when their lives have just begun. Humans may see them as a treat, but they deserve the equality humans are been given. Imagine waking up to nothing but lifeless animals and cages till the eye can see. Having no animals of your species around you. Neither finding any happiness in the corner of your cage each day the sun rises. Animals are searching for a hope of a new beginning within themselves, which they will never find. Would you want to live that kind of life each day? Do you want to be part of a society which will capture animals for our amusement? I am speaking to you today on behalf of all animals in captivity concerning some of the reasons animals shoudnt be kept in captivity.

We as humans don’t understand the animals needs and wants throughout the day. The animals are more intelligent than what our perspective of view is looking towards. In the
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In 10%of zoos, animals are been torchered and abused till the extent it is life taking. The animals who live in zoos are kept in enclosures that don’t allow them to live their lives in a natural way. Zoo animals live in the same enclosure day after day monotonous. This needs to be dealt with or animals will be known for zoos to be their natural habitat in the future. Just think about the number of animals that were in the wilderness years ago and view the number today. It is remarkable to see how our society is reacting to the issue. How our priorities are food and shelter animals need to know to basic skills for living I the wilderness, which zoos are not allowing them to learn. Do you want to part of a society which will let this issue slide into the wrong hands overtime? Or be dealt with for the benefit of the
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