Importance Of Animals In Zoos

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Are zoos and circuses really the last chance of wild animals? Is poaching and illegal wildlife trade beneficial? Although many people would say that zoo and circus animals have a great life, it is not true. Why? Animals are kept in captivity, and forced to live in a strange and unknown place far away from their natural habitat. Also, in the circuses and zoos they are treated badly. In my essay, I am going to investigate the lives of animals in zoos and circuses, and the connection with illegal wildlife trade.

As children, everybody loves going to zoos and circuses. It is just the way it is. Small ones see many strange animals that they only have seen on TV, like tigers, lions, elephants, giraffes, etc. It is such a great experience in every one of our lives. At a young age, we are not aware of what those animals feel in captivity, we just enjoy the show. But later it changes in the case of a few people, who realize that how animals are treated.

Many people claim that zoos and circuses allow the survival of wild animals. On the one hand, I agree with it, because in the case of zoos, IF the zoo is well-equipped and ensures the good circumstances for wild animals, it can serve to people as a beautiful place where we can see animals that we would not be able to see in our lives. But the zoo should make sure that there is sufficient place for every animal, and has the financial background for feeding them and to maintain the appropriate conditions. On the other hand, I do not

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