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Watching anime is something that I truly cherish. While some may view it in disdain, simplifying it as only “Japanese cartoons”, I believe that the medium is a completely unique experience, unable to be replicated by any other live action film or TV show. My gateway to anime, as is the case for most fans, was through watching Pokemon. I remember religiously counting the time, sitting in front of my Television, to watch a show that took me to another world. For a while, Pokemon was a huge craze throughout the globe. Children hoarded and collected cards to share and trade with one another, and they could be seen on the benches playing Pokemon games on their GameBoys alongside their friends. Just like every other kid, I too did all this. I would stay up at night, staring…show more content…
They would declare that we must be completely detached from reality to be able to relate to such animated characters. Yet by doing so, they completely overlook their worth. Even though these shows may appear cheesy and childlike, I have never felt shame towards my past or present self for loving them. After all, where can you find a medium that has greater range and variety in the stories it tells - from the tear-jerking, heartbreaking romance of Clannad to the thrilling, strategic, crime drama that is Death Note, from Kuroko's Basketball that depicts the struggles and trials of a basketball teaming aiming for the top to the inspiring efforts of two gay ice-skaters fighting against ostracization in Yuri on Ice. So I’ll continue to watch my “Japanese cartoons” and if somebody asks me for what my favorite show is? I’ll tell them to sit down so that I can introduce them to the wonderful world of anime. After all, without anime, I wouldn’t be anywhere close to being the person I currently
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