Importance Of Apartheid

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Apartheid is a former policy of racial segregation, political as well as economic discrimination of non-white groups in South Africa.
Petty apartheid is the practice of segregation in day to day life, eg. In lavatories, restaurants, railway cars, buses, swimming pools and other public facilities.
Grand Apartheid refers to the underlying limitations placed on black South Africans’ access to land and political rights. These were the laws that prevented black South Africans from even living in the same areas as white people. They also denied black Africans political representation, and, at its most extreme, citizenship in South Africa.
D.F Malan
Daniel Francois Malan was born in 1874 in Riebeek West in the Cape. He completed his doctorate of Divinity at the University of Utrecht in 1905 and was ordained a minister of the Dutch Reformed Church. His strong Afrikaner Nationalism led him into politics. In 1915 the newspaper Die Burger was founded. Malan became its first editor, using his influence over a popular form of media to enter into Parliament. Malan used the term “apartheid” from the 1930’s and his ideas of institutionalized apartheid played a critical part in his being elected as Prime Minister of South Africa in 1948. He spent his six and a half years firmly laying down the foundation on which the apartheid system was to be built. Malan retired from his post in 1954, achieving much of the objectives that had
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