Apologetics: New Testament By Apostle Paul

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Apologetics: The term apologetics is derived from the ancient Greek word apologia which semantically means ‘in defence of’ something. The term got popularized by the usage in New Testament by Apostle Paul in the book of Acts where he says:
“ ...stand before you today and I make my defence ” (Chapter 26:2 )
The term apologetics is widely used in the western context with Christian origins, primarily referring to the defence of Christian thought. However, the term is also used in formal discussions to refer the defence pertaining to any religion and any philosophy like atheism, secularism and humanism etc. The apologetics of Buddhism, BahAi faith, Hinduism, Judaism, Deism, Pantheism are also popular.
Paul, the apostle can be considered as the
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It is first published in 1994, the book received Gold Medallion award in 1994 in the category of doctrine and theology in the same year. The lectures in Harvard and Ohio state universities delivered by the author himself were further developed and published in the form of this book by adding up few more concepts which deal with the questions of reality of God’s existence and its influence on the lives of individuals. The book primarily addresses the despair and hopelessness in human life which the author considers to be a result of anti-theistic thinking, he answers the existential questions through various illustrations from history and his personal experiences. He subtly points at the fallacy of accusing God for the crimes committed by the individuals and institutional…show more content…
The author expresses his agony towards the attitude of the contemporary humanity as he constantly asserts the sublime purpose for human life. In the opening chapter of the book, Ravi refers to Albert Camus and Viktor Frankl who declared that search for meaning is life’s fundamental pursuit and later he develops on the necessity and importance of finding a meaning. As T.S.Eliot in his Wasteland talks about the pathetic situation of the West, Ravi Zacharias also points out at the western trends and America and particular in reflecting the global phenomenon. The author’s exposure to both eastern and western world provides an advantage for his arguments, he emphasizes the greater impact of art and media on the modern world as he
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